Insights from Prof. Susumu Uchiyama’s Presentation at Beckman’s Seminar

🔬 Exciting Research Update: Insights from Prof. Susumu Uchiyama‘s Presentation at Beckman’s Seminar!

Thrilled to share highlights from Prof. Uchiyama’s groundbreaking presentation at the recent Beckman-sponsored seminar.

📚 Title: “Three Distinct Analytical Ultracentrifugation Methods for Virus and Viral Vector Characterizations”

The demand for characterization and quality control (QC) of viral vectors and viruses for therapeutic purposes is rapidly increasing. One vital critical quality attribute (CQA) is a quantitative description of the particle size distribution, including analysis of empty, partial, and full particles as well as aggregates. This poster will explore three analytical ultracentrifugation methods for the characterization of AAV vectors.

🌐 Download the Poster: Here