The 13th Biomolecules Interaction Analysis Forum Workshop

The 13th Biomolecules Interaction Analysis Forum Workshop, titled “Analytical Ultracentrifugation (AUC) SEDFIT Program Workshop and Lecture,” will be held in Tokyo on October 30, 2023. Dr. Kosuke Magami, a scientist from U-Medico, will also be participating as an instructor.

During the workshop, practical exercises will be conducted using participants’ own laptops. In addition to providing guidance on important considerations during analysis, the workshop will cover the fundamentals of AUC and offer insights into experimental techniques for achieving better results. This is a valuable opportunity not only to gain an overview of AUC measurement and analysis but also to ask questions to experts in AUC directly.

Following the workshop, there will be a lecture session on the latest research findings related to molecular interaction studies and an information exchange session.

We look forward to welcoming many participants to the event.

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